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Thinking biodiversity or carbon farming?

It is a changing world, and our increasing knowledge of the impacts of carbon within the landscape create some interesting opportunities for well-managed grazing properties into the future. Sunnybrae’s conservative and careful management over time have complemented great natural assets that effectively set the property up for the new owners to begin capitalising on Biodiversity…

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Not just for grazing….

Whilst the eastern Riverina and Sunnybrae are noted for being prime grazing, fattening and breeding landscapes for both sheep and cattle, the property’s natural assets lend it to a number of other potentially exciting enterprises. Consider some of the following in conjunction with, or as alternatives to the current operation: How about wine grapes? The…

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Extra Country in your Patch

If you’re already operating in the eastern Riverina, you’ll appreciate that you’re in God’s own country. And you’ll also know that finding extra land for expansion here is difficult. It is one of the tightest held districts in the country – and you’re aware there’s good reason for that! Offered for the first time in…

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Perfect diversity add-on block.

Do you have an existing farming operation within a few hundred kilometres of Mundarlo? Sunnybrae offers a significant holding to add geographic, rainfall, climate and production diversity to your current operation. Prime eastern Riverina country offering reliable annual rainfall of around 600 mm and on the edge of the Western Slopes. This allows for a…

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A family holding of note

Sunnybrae’s location and scale lend themselves to the establishment of a significant stand-alone holding, presenting an ideal family base to build from and grow. Located in the eastern Riverina with reliable 600mm annual rainfall and in a renowned livestock breeding and finishing district, Sunnybrae’s current operation is enduring and sound. However, a number of different…

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