Thinking biodiversity or carbon farming?

It is a changing world, and our increasing knowledge of the impacts of carbon within the landscape create some interesting opportunities for well-managed grazing properties into the future.

Sunnybrae’s conservative and careful management over time have complemented great natural assets that effectively set the property up for the new owners to begin capitalising on Biodiversity Credits and Carbon Farming Initiatives as those exciting new industries develop:

  • Remnant native vegetation: some 25% of the grazing slopes have been left with native timber and vegetation. These provide fantastic shelter belts across the property, but also add greatly to the biodiversity of the natural fauna and flora.
  • Natural, native pastures cover the bulk of the hill country.
  • Conservative grazing management: its quite obvious that Sunnybrae has never been over-grazed and it currently holds a healthy baseload of end-of-summer feed.
  • Weed and feral animal control have been exceptional.
  • The vendors have started to adopt some of the principles of managing moisture infiltration and ponding within the landscape to better control water flow through the natural creek and spring landscapes. Several well constructed dams have been placed to manage erosion, and these give the added benefit of providing ample stock and native fauna watering points.
  • In fact, with documentation and a further movement towards limited chemical and artificial fertiliser usage, it is not hard to see this property being certified for Organic Production. The current owners have utilised a sound approach to decision-making in this regard over many years.

As agents, we rarely see properties of this scale complemented by such well-managed natural assets and deep thought-based management. Production and farm management decisions have been approached with a rigorous and balanced blend of tradition, conservatism and well-grounded new research.

What a fantastic opportunity to capitalise on this groundwork.

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