Not just for grazing….

Whilst the eastern Riverina and Sunnybrae are noted for being prime grazing, fattening and breeding landscapes for both sheep and cattle, the property’s natural assets lend it to a number of other potentially exciting enterprises. Consider some of the following in conjunction with, or as alternatives to the current operation:

  • How about wine grapes? The region is already known for it’s wine production; in fact there are a number of great commercial vineyards within a few kilometres of Sunnybrae already. While not a true cool climate wine district, the climate, soil types and topography are certainly more favourable to specifically tailored, varietal wine production than the bulk of the powerhouse Riverina wine industry.
  • Fruit, olives or nut tree crops pique your interest? With increasing demand for quality Australian production of fresh fruit, Sunnybrae could well be the home of your new orchard or grove. Significant areas of desirable soil types across the property and access to the reliable Murrumbidgee River for irrigation, combined with our long days of sunshine and access to transport and markets make up the perfect ingredients of a great productive base.
  • Sunnybrae’s river flats present a suite of opportunities around further irrigation development. Because they are flood plains (and that’s why they are so fertile) it wouldn’t be wise to place high value or fragile infrastructure in place there, but low-tech irrigation can still produce a wealth of annual crops, semi-permanent or permanent pastures for intensive livestock feed production. Consider maize, sorghum, oats, barley or triticale for grain or hay; there’s our old favourite of lucerne for grazing and hay; you might even consider growing annual vegetables like sweet corn or some of the more innovative Asian greens. These are just a few examples of what adding water to prime country can produce. The old tobacco drying kiln still on property gives just an inkling of the variety of crops grown here over time.
  • The wealth of remnant native vegetation has already been the target of native seed collection and sale. There is a growing level of interest from nurseries and bush food collectives. And don’t forget the bees. We’ve recently recognised the absolute importance of these workers in and around our native landscapes and crop production industries.
  • Seeking something a little more adventurous? The eastern Riverina and Murrumbidgee Valley are fast becoming a major tourism destination. The proximity to major urban populations, travel routes and other great tourism assets; be it for overnight, weekend or more long-term recreational pursuits – these make for exciting opportunities.
  • With a little work, there are two almost immediate B and B assets. Hip-camping and glamping are certainly becoming more popular and are both very possible. And with further investment and clever marketing, resort-style accommodation facilities are certainly not out of the equation.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to think about adding new enterprises that complement the existing operation. Sunnybrae has the scale and variety of landscapes for you to start thinking well outside the square.

Talk to us today – we’ll be more than happy to help you explore some of these options. And there are plenty more! tel 02 6964 9347

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