Perfect diversity add-on block.

Do you have an existing farming operation within a few hundred kilometres of Mundarlo?

Sunnybrae offers a significant holding to add geographic, rainfall, climate and production diversity to your current operation.

Prime eastern Riverina country offering reliable annual rainfall of around 600 mm and on the edge of the Western Slopes. This allows for a different climate pattern than the plains country of the broader Riverina – somewhat cooler in summer and without the extremes of the highlands winter.

Elevated and ideally sloping rangelands of 1348 acres plus 233 acres prime river flats – perfect for growing fodder and heavier grazing opportunities. These flats have yielded significant crops in recent years and have been sown to barley this year.

These river flats also present the possibility of irrigation with little development, further enhancing feed security and creating the possibility of other enterprises.

There is an extensive current bed of native pastures present across the property. Weed control and management has been of a high standard over time.

There are several stock watering options – dams, troughs, creek and river, which are of low maintenance.

Being in relative proximity to Wagga, Gundagai and Tarcutta, there is a pool of experienced local staff and contractors available to assist the operation.

Basic infrastructure is in place sufficient to run the operation without being over-capitalised to the point where a lot of maintenance, oversight and security is required.

Call us today – we’d love to help you explore how Sunnybrae can add extra diversity to your business. tel 02 6964 9347

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