Extra Country in your Patch

If you’re already operating in the eastern Riverina, you’ll appreciate that you’re in God’s own country.

And you’ll also know that finding extra land for expansion here is difficult. It is one of the tightest held districts in the country – and you’re aware there’s good reason for that!

Offered for the first time in over 160 years, Sunnybrae is recognised not only for its high end farm-ability, but its conservative and sound management. Conservatively grazed throughout the family’s history, with significant areas of native bushland and well managed creeks and shelter belts, it lines up as the perfect additional country to your existing operation.

The vendor’s family have been breeders of note for many years and there is a proud history of Royal Easter Show awards and recognition.

You’ll also know that there has become a lifestyle component to properties within your district. Sunnybrae is lightly capitalised in terms of improvements. Whilst there are ample structural assets, there isn’t a high-end homestead, extensive gardens or complex infrastructure that require time and money to maintain.

But have a look at the spectacular ready-to-build homesite!

Call us at Aquire now and let us know of your interest. It would be a shame to miss this opportunity.

www.aquire.agency tel 02 6964 9347

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